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NOx sensors

NOx sensors

Do you also have a problem with NOx?

In combustion engines, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are formed during the combustion process. They are one of the most dangerous components that pollute the atmosphere. In high concentrations, they can be very dangerous to our health. Engine manufacturers and car concerns are trying to design exhaust gas recirculation systems to minimize NOx emissions. An elementary part of these systems are NOx sensors.

The control device for the exhaust system is integrated with the nitrogen oxides sensor mounted directly on it. In this way, the content of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas is continuously measured. The information from the sensor is used to control the engine operation and AdBlue dosing. This process serves to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides in engine exhaust gases.

Minimizing harmful nitrogen oxides is particularly important in diesel engines used in trucks. Due to the significantly higher combustion temperatures, diesel engines produce significantly higher NOx emissions than spark-ignition gasoline engines.

Sensor failure?

The NOx sensors are placed directly in the high-temperature exhaust gas. This location allows for accurate and stable readings of exhaust gas parameters. If there is a damage – failure of the sensor, the mixture of optimal composition is not fed to the engine. Errors in reading from such a device include increased fuel consumption, incorrect operation of the engine and the DPF system. The damage will be indicated by the engine light on the car’s dashboard, but it is connected with computer diagnostics.

Can NOx be regenerated?

Defective NOx must be replaced with a working one. The cost of new device is up to several hundreds Euro. Our engineers have developed a method to regenerate damaged NOx sensors. Elerte Poland sp.z o.o. regenerates devices of all leading manufacturers. Our current offer includes: Scania, DAF, MAN and Mercedes sensors. We are able to regenerate (after technical verification) sensors of any company. The process includes the replacement of defective components, an in-depth check of the operation of electronic parts as well as the integrity and tightness of the device. Regenerated products manufactured in Elerte Poland sp.z o.o. are covered by a 12-month warranty.